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Twoo Reviews.Below is my message to twoo once I stopped my account

Twoo Reviews.Below is my message to twoo once I stopped my account

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exactly exactly What the hell

I originally registered per year or 2 ago I never went on the app as I thought the app was to do with meeting new business people (similar to linkedIn), however. Then I got e-mails recently stating that individuals wished to speak to me therefore We devote a password and registered using my facebook information.

A couple of days later on we went onto my profile and then find I signed up (just somewhere to connect with people from around the world) that you were a dating app which isn’t clearly stated when. Then I discovered I lived however you decided to disregard certain information like the fact I am married and therefore you decided to tell people I was single and looking for a women!! Whats more you cropped a my son out of my facebook profile picture so its just myself and you made it my twoo profile picture that you had taken some of my information from my facebook page like where!

I do not obviously have time for you to e-mail you however I’d to accomplish it when I ended up being therefore surprised by they way you conduct your online business.

we cannot block their spam, completely worthless, TO PREVENT .

i cannot move away from them

having registered I have since been unable to get them to unsubscribe me, either by phone or by pressing the unsubscribe button with them to make contact with a friend abroad


Toxic Try not to subscribe this solution, its pure spam, produces fake pages and delivers fake demands to folks from your contact list without your authorization. We cannot wait for day someone manages to do some worthwhile thing about this. This nasty scam must be stopped!

hack my friends that are dead

fine so twoo have actually hack my dead buddies facebook after which begin to send me personally content from him that is a lot more than f**c up. in which he had been evidently he had been two mins before he PASSED AWAY more then 3 years ago